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User Group Presentations

Natural Conference Presentations

Workshop Solutions - Introduction to Natural  (32k)

ZZUtils Documentation

Version 2
Highlights of the enhancements to ZZUtils in version 2.  (30k)
Summary A brief description of each of the functions available in ZZUtils.  (29k)

Step-by-step installation and customization of ZZUtils.  (33k)
ZZMATCH ZZMATCH Natural code for a sequential match, plus sample data embedded in sample MVS JCL, and a listing of the resulting output.  (127k)
ZZTDOC Complete documentation  on the installation, customization, and use of the ZZTDOC utility.  (745k)
ZZTDOC A sample formatted walkthrough document containing eight modules (including Natural, COBOL, JCL and control data) plus a sample report.  (84k)

ZZUtils Acquisition

Partnership Qualify for a free copy of ZZUtils through the Partner program.  (46k)

How to purchase ZZUtils.  (38k)

Order Form
Order your copy of ZZUtils.  (42k)
Order Form Order your copy of ZZUtils.  (131k Word format)

A sample license agreement for ZZUtils.  (5k)

Trial License
License agreement for trial version of ZZUtils.  (2k)


Brochure A brief overview of the products and services offered by LEN CONSULTING LLC.  (44k)

Flyer 1
LEN CONSULTING LLC products and services.  (30k)

Flyer 2
Save money with ZZUtils.  (16k)

Return on Investment.   (445k)

By automating document creation, ZZUtils debunks the excuses proposed by developers to avoid source code walkthorughs.   (454k)

User Group Presentations

ZZUtils - Tools for Natural Developers - as presented at the EMEA Natural Programmers User Group Conference in Budapest in June 2004.  This is a large (5M) file, containing many mainframe screen images.   A zip (4M) version is available, as well as a text-only version (398k).

NPUG SWA Manipulating the Natural Source Work Area - as presented at the EMEA Natural Programmers User Group Conference in Budapest in June 2004.  (281k)

Natural Conference Presentations

Natural Studio Customization and Navigation
This presentation helps the mainframe developer transition from a character-based Natural environment to the Graphical User Interface of Natural Studio.  It will be of special interest to those implementing SPoD.  It will familiarize you with Natural Studio's icons, toolbars, pull-down menus, and context menus.  Recommendations are made for Natural Studio configuration and customization, improving Natural Studio's usefulness and Developer productivity.

This is an excerpt from a 2-day seminar, Introduction to Natural/Adabas for Windows.  The presentation is a large pps file, containing many screen images
(5,549k), also available in zip format (4,868k).

Natural Platform Incompatibilities
This presentation discusses incompatibilities between Natural on the mainframe and OpenSystems platforms, such as system variables, field/map appearance, collating sequences, internal storage, syntax differences, and PF key sensitivity.  In most cases, these issues can be resolved with minor source code changes.  (180k). 

The objective is to deomonstrate how to write programs which will run on either platform without modification.

Introduction to Natural Dialogs
This presentation will introduce the features of the Dialog Editor in Natural 6.  Simple dialogs will be created to demonstrate input fields, edit areas, push buttons, frames, list boxes, message boxes, and event handlers.

This is an excerpt from a 2-day seminar, Introduction to Natural/Adabas for Windows
This is a large pps file, containing many screen images (5,278k), also available in zip format (4,491k)Source code for a sample dialog is available as a zipped Object Handler file (12k).

Natural 6 TnT
Natural 6 has a plethora of features designed to improve Developer productivity, especially in the SPoD environment, but who has the time to read the volumes of documentation and help text to find them?  This presentation will uncover tips and techniques to help you work more efficiently in Natural Studio.   (213k)

Batch Topics
This presentation from the Training Track offers something for both the novice and experienced Natural developer.  It focuses on topics and techniques related to efficient batch processing of Natural and Adabas in a mainframe environment, such as
  • Printing: report distribution, controlling carriage control, MAINPR, testing implications
  • WORK files: RECORD clause, temporary storage, empty files, continuing vs restarting a READ WORK loop
  • Sorting: internal vs external, sort vs AT BREAK
  • Restart/recovery: methods, restart vs re-run, ET data
  • JCL: Natural parameters, abend processing in-stream data (CMSYNIN vs CMOBJIN)
This presentation is comprised of excerpts from a 1-day seminar, Batch Processing with Natural and Adabas.   (241k)

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