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ZZUtils version 2 for MVS is now available for purchase or lease.

Complete the order form below and click the Send button.  Or download the MS Word version of the order form, and send it to RGZbrog@ZZUtils.com or mail it to

    R. G. Zbrog
    9367 Fox Run Way
    Sacramento, CA  95758-4258


The purchase price includes:

Purchase Options

Lease Option

ZZUtils may be leased on an annual basis.  A lease agreement includes: A lease may be renewed annually.  If not renewed, the lease will expire and the software will cease to function.  An option to convert the lease into a purchase may be executed after the third year.  Contact LEN CONSULTING LLC for more information.


Payment entitles your organization to a non-exclusive license to the use of the software.  By installing the software you indicate acceptance of the license agreement, and are bound by its terms.  Please refer to the sample license agreement for more details.

Site License

A license is issued to a user, typically defined as an organization at a specific mailing address.  There are no limitations on the number of application systems or environments (i. e. FUSER files) being supported by a single ZZUtils license, so long as all applications and environments are owned by the licensee.

For commercial data centers, organizations with multiple processing centers, or distributed organizations with users at multiple mailing addresses, a Data Center license is available.  Contact LEN CONSULTING LLC for more information.


Three forms of payment are acceptable: bank transfer, credit card (via PayPal), and cheque (drawn from a US* bank).  Use of bank draft or credit card will expedite the process.  Several discounts may be applicable to the purchase price - refer to the chart below.  Surcharges will be imposed for the use of PayPal and shipping & handling.


E-mail is the standard form of shipment - a zipped file approximately 1Mb in size is attached.  Optionally, a diskette may be ordered, at an additional cost.

Orders shipped outside the state of California are not subject to state sales tax.  Orders shipped electronically to organizations within the state of California are not subject to California state sales tax.  Orders shipped via diskette to organizations within the state of California are subject to state sales tax.

Contact LEN CONSULTING LLC prior to sending payment - you may be entitled to one or more discounts.  All prices are listed in US funds.  (*Canadian organizations may consider all prices to be listed in Canadian dollars.) 

ZZUtils version 2 for MVS  $5,000
Shipping & handling (diskette only) $5
Tax (diskette orders in CA only) $375
Payment surcharge (PayPal only)

Discounts (purchase only)
Educational / non-profit institution $500
ZZUtils version 1 user** $500
Natural Conference 2008 attendee** $500
Canadian organization** *$Cdn

Annual Lease Option
ZZUtils version 2 for MVS $1,500
Shipping & handling (diskette only) $5
Tax (diskette orders in CA only) $112.50
Payment surcharge (PayPal only)

*Canadian organizations, please contact LEN CONSULTING LLC for special payment arrangements.
**Determined/verified by LEN CONSULTING LLC.


Order Form

To order ZZUtils version 2 for MVS, complete the following form and press the Send button.


Name (First Last):

Job Title:


Corporate e-mail: (No web-based services, such as Yahoo, please.)


Corporate Mailing Address:



State/Province (North America only):

Zip/Postal Code:




North America:



Discounts and Preferences:

Educational / non-profit organization:  YesNo

ZZUtils version 1 user:  YesNo

Natural Conference 2008 attendee:  YesNo

Delivery method:

Payment method:



Contact information will be used only by LEN CONSULTING LLC and will not be divulged to 3rd parties.

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