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Representative Functions

Here is a sample of the functionality available in ZZUtils.  Click on a utility name to see a sample screen shot.

ZZUTILS1 is a simple yet functional menu system which drives all the on-line utilities.  User-written routines are easily incorporated.
ZZADACMD1 displays the Adabas commands generated in a Natural executable object.  While TEST DBLOG and real-time monitors such as Review display Adabas commands which are actually executed, ZZADACMD reports all Adabas commands which could potentially be executed from within a module, revealing complex commands and questionable command sequences. ZZADACMD can process entire applications to determine where and how often descriptors are used.  This can be accomplished without the existence of source code or cross-reference data.
ZZCOPYBK2 converts an LDA into a COBOL copybook
ZZCOPINC2 converts a COBOL copybook into an LDA
ZZDATES1 converts and manipulates date, time, and timestamp variables.
ZZDUMP displays a formatted dump of a Natural catalogued object.
ZZLIST creates a formatted listing of a Natural source module.  Data areas and copycode are expanded, if requested.  Data area listings include relative field positions.
ZZLOCATE searches all libraries for a module name or wild card, displaying timestamp data for each occurrence.
ZZTDOC2 creates technical source code walkthrough documentation.  For each Natural source module, a  source or comparison listing is combined with a ZZADACMD report.  For ease of use and handling, up to ten modules may be packaged into a single Word document, formatted with table of contents, headers, and page numbers.  COBOL, JCL, Procs, control data, and sample reports may be incorporated into a package, creating a complete, functional walkthrough document.

To speed ZZTDOC data entry, ZZTDPMNT is used to maintain default values in a user TDOC profile.

ZZVPARM2 converts a DDM into a parameter data area (with field name, format, and length attributes).
A complete list of utilities is available from the Downloads page.

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ZZUtils version 2.
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ZZUtils version 2.

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